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Your Game is as good as your practice

Skills Training

NBN Basketball offers skill development training for players of all ages and skill levels. We offer private, semi private, and team training skill development. Coach TJ is also available to travel to you. For videos on how to create an account and schedule your private training or classes click HERE

Skills Training

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Private Training

These sessions are for players who desire 1 on 1 training to get the most out of their skill development. All training is progression based to allow for maximum gains and improvements. Training is fast paced, intense, and challenges the player mentally and physically. Our private training puts players through game like drills that will include 2 ball drills, multi shot drills, and continuous action drills that will help each player perform at a higher level and increase their confidence.

Skills Classes

Rookie Skills Class

Our Rookie Skills Class is for boys or girls in 3rd-6th grade. All participants will be introduced to fundamental skills that are needed to be successful in basketball. Players will get skill isolation to teach them proper techniques and then transition into competitive drills that will allow them to apply those skills learned. Class meets every Thursday and Sunday at 5:30pm. All classes are 60 minutes.

Team Training

Team training is a great opportunity for a coach to bring variety to their practice sessions. We have a number of different skills that we can teach to your team. We will teach your players skills that will allow them to be successful in any system that is run. All players, no matter the offense, must be able to dribble, pass vs pressure, shoot, make the correct reads off screens, and be a threat out of triple threat. By teaching these fundamentals and much more will give your team the edge on the competition. 

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