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3 Advantages to Facing Up on Perimeter

Whenever I am training players that play on the perimeter I make it a priority to stress the importance of facing the basket on the catch. Players must understand that by "taking a peek" at the rim whenever they catch the ball on the perimeter it gives the illusion that they are a threat. It engages their defender. 

I have three things players must look for when they catch and face up on the perimeter that I will like to share in this blog. All players must look for their shot or gap to drive, cutters, or post players. Lets look at those 3 options a little closer.

  1. Shot/Gap to drive: Whenever a player catches the ball on the perimeter they should always look to be a threat offensively. I know there are some players that have limitations on what they can do on the perimeter. Some are great at shooting the three and some are better at the mid range, but whatever you can do effectively and at a high percentage on the perimeter you want to be a threat. Players, especially young players, sometimes get so caught in just running a play or set they often forget to play basketball. I believe it's important for players to look at the rim for the opportunity to make a play for themselves or a teammate.
  2. Open Cutters: When there is good ball movement and good player movement you may find someone open cutting to the basket. Again, you don't want your players being robots on the floor and just running your motion or whatever offense you are running. Facing the rim and taking a quick look for cutters can give your team open lay ups, offensive rebounding opportunities on defensive rotations, and kick outs for open threes.
  3. Post Ups: I was always taught to keep the big man happy. There are not many things that make a big more upset than when they have a player posted up on the block or in the lane and the perimeter players are not even looking low for the entry pass. So looking for the post up gives you the opportunity to get the ball in the lane, draw fouls, and maybe even force your opponent to double team if you have a dominant post player.

If your team is having a difficult time facing the rim on the catch I would take a few minutes during practice and implement a couple of drills that emphasize facing the rim. Also, constant reminders during drills and when your team is scrimmage will also help too. Players must know and understand the importance of seeing the rim on the catch. If they don't see the rim your team can miss out on easy scoring opportunities.

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