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6 Skills Post Player Should Develop

Post players like Tim Duncan, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Zach Randolph, to name a few, have several skills that make them great post players. These skills are game changers that have a positive effect on the outcome of the game. We're not just talking offense here either. Great post players like those mentioned can have an effect on the game on both ends of the floor. They have presence on the low block that can demand double teams. They rebound the ball well, get teammates open by setting great screens, and they have a defensive presence by being a rim protector that gives perimeter players confidence to apply pressure to the ball. Lets take a look at 6 skills every post player should develop.

  1. Low block threat: Post players should be able to score on the low block without a dribble over both shoulders from either block. They should also be able to take 1 or 2 dribbles and execute a hook, dribble drop, or up and under for the finish. Having the skill to post up from the low block, on either side, can force double teams, draw more fouls and create high percentage shots. 
  2. Running the floor hard in transition: I preach to perimeter players all the time to reward the big man for running the floor. After a rebound, steal or any change of possession the post player should sprint the floor hard. When running from offense to defense they must run the floor to try to help protect the rim. When running from defense to offense they want to sprint the floor and post up in front of the rim. From this position it's tough to double team in transition and the closer you are to the rim on the catch the less skilled you have to be.
  3. Face up game: Having a face up game allows the post to be able to score from a variety of spots on the floor. If you are forced off the low block or are posting up on the mid post you may have to face up to be more effective. The face up game is for players with more skill, but it allows the post to be able score out of triple threat from 12-15 feet from the basket.
  4. 15 foot jumpers from corners and elbows: Being able to shoot the 15 foot jumpers are important part of the post players game. Relocating from the block to the short corner or elbow on drives gives the penetrator space and allows the post to find open areas to shoot  uncontested jumpers. Also post players must be able to shoot off setting on ball screens and spacing to open areas.
  5. Defensive presence: Great post players also have a presence on the defensive end of the floor. Good post defenders force offensive post players into tough off balanced shots and they also alter or block shots from players entering the lane. Also, to have a defensive presence you must be able to finish the defensive possession by securing the defensive rebound. 
  6. Great screener: Post players are always sacrificing their body to get other teammates open.  They understand the importance of sprinting to set the screen to make it tough for the help. Post players that set great screens get a wide strong stance while protecting themselves and they are savvy with their timing and angle of the pick.

These are a few skills that I believe are important to becoming a great post player. As players continue to develop they possess more advanced skills and footwork. Studying players like Tim Duncan, LeMarcus Aldridge, Zach Randolph, and Kevin Love are a great way to see how some of the better post players play. Checkout the videos below of LaMarcus Aldridge, Tim Duncan, Zach Randolph and Kevin Love post moves.

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