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Dribbling Tips

Every basketball player, no matter your position, should be able to dribble and handle the basketball to some degree. Before I get into tips on dribbling and ball handling lets first discuss the difference between the two. Dribbling is performing a cross over, between the legs, behind the back, in and out, hesitation, or any other dribble move you can think of. One form of ball handling is what you do with those dribble moves. Speed dribbling down the court and then changing direction with a cross over dribble is ball handling.

4 Reasons to dribble

  1. To improve your passing angle
  2. To escape trouble
  3. To attack the basket
  4. To balance the floor and maintain proper spacing

Proper Stance

  • Drop your hips to get in a low stance 
  • Back straight with head up
  • Dribble at knee level, no higher than mid thigh

Additional Tips

  • Use a hard pound dribble - The quicker your dribble the quicker you can get off your shot or your pass.
  • Be strong with the ball - Use off arm to keep defender from reaching in. Use body to shield and protect your dribble when being pressured. Being strong allows you to play through contact. 
  • Keep your head up - Keeping your head up allows you to see the floor and find open teammates. It allows you to be able to see the gaps in the defense to attack the rim.