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Season 4 Episode 1: How to Improve a Player's Confidence

After taking some time off for the holiday’s and to recharge my batteries, the SDP Podcast is back with Season 4 Episode 1. In this episode I discuss how to improve a player’s confidence. As a skill development coach, parents often tell me the skills they would like to see their son or daughter improve. And about 99% of those same parents also mention confidence being a factor in how their kid plays the game. So here are 6 tips I use to help improve a player’s confidence.

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Season 3: Episode 14: Why Parents Must Stop Coaching From The Sidelines

In the latest episode of the SDP Podcast Coach TJ discuss an article that he read on In this article there were tips and information on how coaching from the sidelines can have a negative affect on individual player performance as well as team performance. Coach TJ also shares his thoughts and gives his very tips.

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