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The MOST Under Taught Skill In Basketball

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In the latest episode of the SDP Podcast, Coach TJ discusses the most under taught skill in basketball. Passing is a skill that is often over looked and pushed to the side. Coach gives a lot of information in part 1 of this podcast. Coach TJ discusses the 5 passing windows, 5 keys to passing, and 6 passes every player should master. Click the player below and have a listen. There are plenty of nuggets dropped in this episode. 

5 Passing Windows

  • Left hip

  • Right hip

  • Left shoulder

  • Right shoulder

  • Top of head

5 Keys to Passing     

  • Fingertip to fingertip - Ability to pass with both hands.

  • Passing vs pressure - Must be able to pivot and escape the defender's pressure

  • Pass into post -

    • Fake a pass to make a pass

    • How is the post player guarded?

    • If full frontal on post, is backside defender engaged?

    • Are you at a good angle for post entry?

  • Use your feet - Don't make passes flat footed. Step toward your receiver.
  • Understand who you are passing to - 
    • What type of passes can they catch?
    • Can they catch in traffic?
    • What pass to make
    • Will my pass put them in position to be successful?


On time on target - Can you make passes while guarded to a teammate that is also being defended and get the ball to him/her on time and on target?

6 Passes Every Player Should MASTER

  • Bounce Pass

  • Push Pass

  • Over the shoulder/hook pass

  • 2 hand over the head pass

  • Lob pass

  • Jump pass                                                                                 

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