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Having Skills vs Playing Skillfully


There are a number of players that go to the gym and work on their game. They spend countless hours getting better. They have developed skills that allow them to showcase their ball handling wizardry. They can shoot lights out or make precision passes. but they lack the ability to play skillfully during competition. 

Having skills and playing skillfully are 2 different things. Having skills mean having the ability to shoot, dribble, or pass the basketball. You can demonstrate the technique or skill in a controlled environment. Being able to play skillfully means you can exhibit those skills in competition. I have 7 tips below on how a player can play skillfully. To hear additional thoughts from me be sure to click the play button below to hear the podcast.

  1. Proper Preparation

  2. Use a Games Approach

  3. It’s a Process

  4. Improve Your Mindset for Competition

  5. Pay Attention to Details

  6. Use Film

  7. Learn to RELAX!