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The Skill Development Playbook blog has all the information you need to improve as a player or coach.  This blog will give you tips, workouts, and drills to help enhance any players skill set.

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Having Skills vs Playing Skillfully

There are a number of players that go to the gym and work on their game. They spend countless hours getting better. They have developed skills that allow them to showcase their ball handling wizardry. They can shoot lights out or make precision passes. but they lack the ability to play skillfully during competition. 

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Are You Communicating Effectively?

I was recently speaking with a player I was training about their season. We were discussing how their season was going and the frustrations that come along with it. During our conversation they told me about a recent conversation they had with their coach. This is where things get tricky for me as a skills coach. Never do I want a player, at anytime, to go against what they are being told by their coach.

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SDP 022: Dave Severns

In episode #22 Dave Severens brought nearly 4 decades of experience to the podcast. Coach Severens has experience coaching at the NBA, NCAA, high school, and has coached for Nike at various events. He shares his 5 must for skill development, skills every youth player and coach should concentrate on, and other tips that make you better as a player or coach. 

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SDP 021: Jay Hernandez Assistant Coach of the Orlando Magic

During this episode Jay Hernandez of the Orlando Magic shares his journey from playing college basketball to starting his own skill development business before moving on and being hired as an assistant coach for the Orlando Magic. Jay also shares his thoughts and philosophy on skill development with tips for players, parents, coaches, and trainers.  

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SDP 016: Rich Walton - Skill Development Coach

I have heard of Skill Development Coach, been to the website, and had a very respectable coach highly recommend the use of Skill Development Coach. But it wasn't until I got the opportunity to interview Rich Walton that I really got to hear about what SDC has to offer. During this podcast we discuss what is skill development and how important it is to the game of basketball, but most importantly we discuss SDC and how it can benefit the player, coach, or parent.

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