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High School Skill Development Checklist

Summer is here and many high school teams will be putting their players through skill development workout sessions. Some may have started and others may be starting soon, but I wanted to give a checklist to help get you organized.

  1. Preparation - When it comes to preparation you can split this into 2 types of preparation: facility prep and team prep. Facility prep gets you organized by knowing when you will have access to your gym, how many baskets you will have access to (if you have to share the gym), and what equipment you may need. When it comes to team prep you have to know what skills you want to work on, what days you are going to workout, how long are your workouts going to be and how many coaches will you have available to help. 
  2. Organization - When getting organized you want to make sure your workouts are as efficient as possible. They should have a good flow to them with little lag time or wasted minutes. You should know what skills you want to drill, how long you want to stay in each drill, and how you are going to organize your players. 
  3. Execution - When working a team of players you want to keep the workout fresh and engaging. Players should get multiple shots that include continuous action drills and multi-skill drills. The workout should include some progression that includes game relevant drills and actions your team may perform in their offense or defense. Also, provide a lot feedback and correction during the workout. 

These are just some thoughts to get your mind thinking and spark some ideas on how you can conduct more efficient skill development workouts for your team over the summer. Be sure to download the info graphic below.

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