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The Skill Development Playbook blog has all the information you need to improve as a player or coach.  This blog will give you tips, workouts, and drills to help enhance any players skill set.

4 Keys to Player Development

Skill development is done several different ways. No matter how a coach/trainer conducts skill development, there are 4 keys to remember.

  1. Have a Plan - Whether you are a player or a trainer you should always have a plan for your skill development. Having a plan keeps you organized on track to reaching your goals.
  2. Establish a Conditioning Element - Players must have the endurance to play in a game. Being properly conditioned can allow your players to be in a better position to be successful throughout the game. 
  3. Game Like Drills - We know it's tough to simulate a game. Drills that force players to react, make decisions, and make reads can better prepare players for the game. 
  4. Footwork - Footwork is the cornerstone of skill development. A lot of players and coaches just think about offense, but footwork is important for defense also. Players must know how to pivot, be on balance, and stop while being able to move, shoot, pass, dribble, and play defense. 
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