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Post Defense


Great post defenders like Joakim Noah are the anchors of any team's defense. They protect the rim with great help defense by blocking or altering shots. They are great on hedging on screens, pick and roll defense, and securing the defensive rebound. Helping off the ball is not the only area they excel at. To be a great post defender you must also be great at containing the opposing team's post player. Great post defenders have the basketball IQ to understand how to defend in relation to the ball, how to force the opposition off their sweet spots, and how to force tough contested shots.

In this blog I will be discussing some tips for post defense on the low block, transition post defense, and defensive rebounding. If you're a player then you must take these tips and apply them the next time you are on the court. If you are a coach or parent then you should share them with your son or daughter so they can become a better defender.


  1. Different low post positions - Full front, 3/4 low, 3/4 high, play behind
  2. Contest all turn around jumpers
  3. Be straight up on power moves
  4. Communicate with teammates on all screens, cuts, and help situations. Talk loud, early, and repetitive (ex. ball screen left/right, backdoor screen, shooter in the corner, etc.)
  5. Contest all cuts of opposing post player. Never allow offense to cut to strong side of court without some type of bump or obstacle.
  6. Move quickly and vary your defensive post position. This can confuse the passer and post player as to where to make entry pass.
  7. Never lose sight of the ball
  8. Use your feet to adjust your defensive position as the ball moves.
  9. Stay mentally alert and aware during defensive possession.
  10. When helping on drives, help laterally not vertically.


  1. First priority is to protect the basket
  2. Beat the offensive post-up player to their favorite post up position
  3. Sprint to half court and then turn and find you man
  4. Make contact with the offensive player before he gets to his low post position


  1. Make contact and get your hands above your shoulders. Sit on offensive player's thighs to box out.
  2. If you are fronting on the low post and the shot goes up, you must push the offensive player underneath the basket to take away their rebounding advantage. Or you will have to work quickly to get in front of the offensive player to box out.
  3. Work hard to get position and then go after the ball quickly.

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