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iPhone Level Impact

The iPhone. Millions of people all across the world has arguably the best mobile phone on the planet (I beg to differ. I prefer the Samsung, but I digress). Whether you prefer the iPhone, Samsung, or any other mobile device, you can't argue that the iPhone changed the way people live, do business, and entertain themselves. The impact the iPhone has made on society is second to none. They were ahead of the curve and set the trend that many companies are trying to duplicate today when it comes to technology. Companies, moms, coaches, kids, teachers, and many others have or is using an iPhone or another smart device to improve their way of living.

Ok, so you maybe saying to yourself, "What does this have to do with skill development or coaching?" It has everything to do with skill development or coaching. If you are a coach of a team or a skill development coach, you want to have an iPhone level impact on the game. What can you contribute to the basketball world that will have an everlasting affect? Now understand not everyone, including myself, will be able to impact the game globally. On a personal level I try to impact my community through the game of basketball. I try to have an iPhone level impact on the kid that doesn't think that scholarship is possible. I try to have an iPhone level impact on the  game by using basketball to teach life lessons.

Every coach or skill development trainer can have an iPhone level impact on the game of basketball within their reach. Whether you are traveling the world like Ganon Baker or training and coaching players just in your city or state, have an impact on the game that people will not forget. 

Below I have three ways the iPhone have impacted the world and how we as coaches can use the iPhone as an example do the same for basketball.

  1. iPhone Influence - The iPhone has been a major influence on the way we do things today. This to me is the biggest impact it has had on society across the world. The influence the iPhone has inspired people and businesses to complete task more efficiently, think outside the box, and try to achieve levels they never thought possible. We can do the same thing in basketball. You want to have such a positive influence and be such a leader that people are dying to follow you. They hang on to your every word, trust you, will go through walls for you, and have your back. Personally, I want to be able to influence players, parents, and coaches in a positive manner to improve the game. No hidden agenda, not trying to get anything from anyone, just improve the play, coaching, and all other aspects of the game.
  2. iPhone Technology - When the iPhone first came out it blew people away with their technology. It had apps that could allow you to do things quicker and more efficiently. The technology was like non other on the market. What I really like about what the iPhone continues to do is reinvent itself and keep pushing the boundary. Coaches must do the same. We sometime get to a certain level and become content with our knowledge of the game and refuse to reinvent or continue to learn and push the boundaries. By doing this, it holds the game back. We're cheating the game, players, parents, and other coaches. Use the iPhone as an example when it comes to technology. Apple continues to find ways to improve their product to make it faster, more efficient, and better performing. Do the same and continue to push your knowledge.
  3. iPhone Community - The iPhone has a very large community. This community believes in the iPhone. There are communities that help other iPhone users whether they are beginners or advanced users. They share tips and problem solving techniques to help users get the most out of their iPhone. In the coaching community I believe we need to do more of this. I'm not talking about visiting a site like this one and reading a blog or subscribing to a website for drills and plays. I'm talking about getting with other coaches in your community or across the world and talking basketball. Talking about how to deal with parents, other coaches, players, motivation, bad attitudes, and everything else that goes on in the game. I believe there are several coaches out there that would love to share the game and their experiences with other coaches. There are also coaches that would love to pick the brain of more experienced coaches. 

Those are the three areas I believe we as coaches can have an iPhone level impact on the game of basketball. I truly believe this is a very important message for all coaches, parents, and players to hear. If you enjoyed this blog and agreed with some of the points I made please tweet, put on Facebook, or any other social media platform you are a part of. Use the hashtag iPhonelevelimpact and lets change the game.

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