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The Skill Development Playbook blog has all the information you need to improve as a player or coach.  This blog will give you tips, workouts, and drills to help enhance any players skill set.

SDP 016: Rich Walton - Skill Development Coach

I have heard of Skill Development Coach, been to the website, and had a very respectable coach highly recommend the use of Skill Development Coach. But it wasn't until I got the opportunity to interview Rich Walton that I really got to hear about what SDC has to offer. During this podcast we discuss what is skill development and how important it is to the game of basketball, but most importantly we discuss SDC and how it can benefit the player, coach, or parent.

SDC takes on 3 major problems coaches face today:

  1. Not being able to monitor how players practice on their own time. 
  2. Not having enough time for in-season skill development
  3. Not being able to isolate and streamline position specific skill programming 

SDC allows you to customize and deliver position specific player development video programming directly to players smartphones. 

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