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Developing Game Like Drills

As a coach I see all types of drills on the internet. I see some really good drills that translate or carry over to the game. And then you have those drills that look real sexy, but are not very productive. 

Those sexy drills look great, but should be used on a limited basis. They are great for YouTube likes and making the coach look good, but a lot of times they carry very little value.

So in this blog post I wanted to share how I develop my drills when working with a player in a 1 on 1 setting. I don't claim to know everything about skill development and I am sure there could be a more efficient way of doing it. At the same time, I have found this method to work best for my players and their development. 

When I'm working with a player in a 1 on 1 training session I do include prep or rep drills. These drills give me the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the proper technique of what we are about to drill. After a few reps we typically transition into more of a game like drill. These type of drills cause the player to react to my voice, command, or my body movement. 

An example of this could be a player drilling elbow shots off a pin down. I typically give the player 3-5 different shots to drill. This could be catch and shoot, catch and dribble curl for a jumper/floater, or catch and rip for a jumper. Depending on the player skill we may go for reps or makes. But if the player is already skilled at this then I would tell the player to use their imagination and make 5 different shots. 

After that type of drill I would then go into forcing the player to make reads on the catch. I would play defense or call out an action I would want them to do. For example, the player would toss the ball toward the elbow and if I trailed they would get into a dribble curl. Or if I wasn't playing defense I would pass to them and then call out "rip" and they would have to rip/sweep the ball for 1 dribble pull up.

Something else I would do is force players to play with vision and become play makers. I would have them make a dribble move to the basket while I was on the perimeter. I would then raise my arms or hands (without using my voice to call for the ball) and they would have to make the pass to me. If I didn't raise my arms they have to finish at the rim. After the pass they relocate for a return pass and then shoot the jumper. 

These are a just a couple of examples of how you can develop game like drills when working with a player in a 1 on 1 situation. The same can also be done in small group settings. 

Leave your thoughts and comments below on how you develop game like drills. I would love to hear them. Or connect with me on Twitter.  

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