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Are You Communicating Effectively?

I was recently speaking with a player I was training about their season. We were discussing how their season was going and the frustrations that come along with it. During our conversation they told me about a recent conversation they had with their coach. This is where things get tricky for me as a skills coach. Never do I want a player, at anytime, to go against what they are being told by their coach.

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iPhone Level Impact

The iPhone. Millions of people all across the world has arguably the best mobile phone on the planet (I beg to differ. I prefer the Samsung, but I digress). Whether you prefer the iPhone, Samsung, or any other mobile device, you can't argue that the iPhone changed the way people live, do business, and entertain themselves. The impact the iPhone has made on society is second to none. They were ahead of the curve and set the trend that many companies are trying to duplicate today when it comes to technology. Companies, moms, coaches, kids, teachers, and many others have or is using an iPhone or another smart device to improve their way of living.

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